Magnet Networks Remote Working Virtual Workshops

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> Magnet Networks is hosting daily virtual workshops for Magnet Talk, Magnet Voice, Magnet Voice Essential and Office In a Box customers


These workshops are to share some Top Tips for Remote Working and how you can remotely manage your entire business phone system from your online portal.

If you would like to learn some top tips from our experts to ensure you can make working from home or remote working with a hosted voice business phone system as comfortable and efficient as possible for your employees, simply fill in the registration form and we'll send you an invite and a link to join a future workshop.

Our team are here to help, and we will continue to host daily workshops for as long as required to ensure your questions are answered in a live interactive environment.

Daily virtual workshops will be available from Wednesday 25th March at 11am each business day. Preregistration is required so take a second to register and we'll take it from there.